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Native Television and Radio Broadcasting Systems

All Native American Television and Radio Broadcasting Systems Radio and Television alterNative Voices - a radio program by and about the Native American community - Added 3/20/97 Mohawk Nation Radio - CKON 97.3 FM Added 12/5/96 Mohawk Nation Radio - KWE 105.9 FM Added 9/30/97 Northern Native Broadcast Yukon - Aboriginal Canadian film and radio producers (Added 3/7/96) TVNC - Television Northern Canada - Canada's only public aboriginal television network Added 3/6/97 United Native American Television http://hanksville.phast.umass.edu/misc/announce/UNAT.html The UNATBC is a group who started out as advisors to a record keeper starting 1990; Helmina Makes Him First (SRST); Vivian High Elk (CRST); Adalbert Zephier (YST); Ben One Feather (SRST); Reginald Cedar Face (PRST), Lymon Red Cloud (PRST), in that order. For further information or interviews with the UNATB Council Members contact the Dakota East media group in Hackensack, NJ. MEDIA & LITERATURE - RADIO http://mia.org/nativetalk/ KILI-FM's service on the reservation In the spring, not far from Wounded Knee in western South Dakota, a man climbs KILI-FM's 300-foot broadcast tower and ties to the top an eagle feather. KVSC-FM is an educational public radio station licensed to St. Cloud State University. The station is student-run and operates 365 days per year, 24 hours a day. Coverage: KVSC-FM has a power of 16,500 watts with a listening radius of about 70 miles. The station's frequency is 88.1 MHz, first on your FM dial. Additional technical information may be found on the KVSC Technical Information Pages.KVSC-FM offers the listener an alternative format without all the irritating commercial interruptions, freeing you to enjoy the diverse music and programming the station has to offer. NativeTech's Internet Links to Native American Resources MEDIA & LITERATURE RESOURCES - INDEX INTERNET NEWSGROUPS, LISTSERVERS & ARCHIVES LITERATURE PERIODICALS RADIO RESOURCES VIDEO RESOURCES CLICK ON A TOPIC ABOVE TO JUMP TO THAT SECTION MEDIA .. http://spirit.lib.uconn.edu/NativeTech/links/media.html, 41405 bytes, 27Sep97 Nativel American Film Producer Redford,Linda Joe Campagna


The National Museum of the American Indian is >is May 15, 1998. Please call the Film and Video >Center at 212-825-6894 for an entry form or e-mail >us at FVC@ic.si.edu. >by NAT-FILMgroup, UNAT & UNITED Native American Television Broadcast Council >Ask about the NAT-IMATION native language vcr/TV/web group--> Info@UNAT.org TVNC - Television Northern Canada - Canada's only public aboriginal television network Added 3/6/97 Native American Actors - a pretty comprehensive list of Native actors, with filmographies. Added 

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