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Indigenous Peoples' Literature

Indigenous Peoples' Literature

"Dedicated to the 400 million unseen/unheard people on this planet.
Let this image forever be a reminder of their existence."

"Not to be aware of the past is to be forever a child,
but those of us who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.

Mankind IS the sum of his ancestors."

di-ka-né-tsv á-qua-tsé-li ha-htv-gi, wa-dó do-da-da-gó-hv

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Maná hu / osiyo / halito / Niix pachwai

"Noccan Kani"

(I am.)

Anixit gulaqueen (good evening!)

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Aniin indinawaymugnitok. Me gweich Chi-iwewag, Megwetch Ogitchi taikwewag.
Nindizhinikaz, Beenaysayikwe, Makwa nin dodaem. Megwetch indinawaymugunitok.


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