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Activists Winona LaDuke http://tnews.com/text/laduke.html Lissa Mitten http://library.pitt.edu/~lmitten/indians.html http://library.pitt.edu/~lmitten/performers.html Ableza - A Native American Arts & Film Institute Added 8/28/96 ATOLL - Native band from Colorado - Added 3/20/97 Centre for Indigenous Theatre - North American's Leading Aboriginal Theatre Training Centre Added 2/20/97 Jack Gladstone - Blackfeet singer and songwriter Added 9/2/97 Cynthia Goodrich - Creek/Choctaw actress/model Added 12/2/96 Inuit Art Foundation Added 6/18/97 Kevin Locke - Lakota flute player and hoop dancer. Added 4/26/97 Mayan Marimba Music Cassettes and CD's Added 9/3/97 The Russell Means Home Page (Added 8/6/96) Native American Actors - a pretty comprehensive list of Native actors, with filmographies. Added 10/8/97 Native American Artists Home Page Added 1/7/97 Native American Women Playwrights Archive Added 3/3/97 David Neel - Kwagiutl photographer Added 2/20/97 Sonny Nevaquaya - Comanche flute player. Added 8/5/97 Sean Michael Perry - - Salish actor and musician. Added 5/10/97 Ronald Roybal's Homepage - Tewa flute player. Added 8/30/97 Buffy Sainte Marie - Cree singer Added 1/17/97 Spirit Mountain Singers (from Fond du Lac) (Added 8/27/96) John Trudell - Santee Sioux activist/poet/actor Updated 6/13/97 

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