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MCLR - Mission

Dedicated to producing research that addresses the issues confronting Latinos in the Midwest and promoting Latino/a scholarship, the MCLR is committed to providing:

A receptive environment to support the development and production of research on and by Latinos, including assistance for funding.

A network of the development of Latino/a scholars, as well as to contribute to the identification, recruitment and retention of more Latino/a faculty at members institutions.

A network of Latino/a students at the graduate and undergraduate levels for the development of future generations of Latino/a professionals.

A source of information on Latinos in the form of databases, archives, library collections, and publications.

A link to a range of institutions of higher education in the Midwest which share a commitment to the development of Latino/a scholarship.

A link to the major Latino community organizations and leadership in the Midwest to ensure the application of new knowledge to address the problems and concerns of the population.

A link to national level consortia and Latino/a scholar networks which share the mission of MCLR.

Sources: MCLR List, Scholars Roundtable Report

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