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Innu Nation

"Old Inuu Song"

"I think over again
My small adventures
My fears
Those small ones that seemed so big
For all the vital things
I had to get and to reach
And yet there is only one great thing
To live and see the great day that dawns
And the light that fills the world."

Distant Eagle

The Inuu are the people of the high arctic. It's what they call themselves, formerly called by outsiders as Eskimo.

The Naskapi are an Indian nation whose area stretches from northern Quebec, north of the St. Lawrence River, into most of present-day Labrador. They have begun to call themselves once more the Innu.

The Montagnais speak a similar Aboriginal language (with differences in dialects), share an Aboriginal culture with (again with certain differences) and face many similar political concerns as the Innu. Their territory stretches south of the Innu into central Quebec. There are some Montagnais and Innu who feel their differences and separations were imposed upon them by the drawing of a boundary between Quebec and Labrador. Many Montagnais want to *erase* those differences - to define their own identities and reject those imposed upon them by outsiders. As a consequence, many Montagnais, including many of those from the village of Betsiamites where the two members of Kashtin hail from, are now beginning to identify themselves as Innu as well.

The Innu Nation
P.O. Box 119
Sheshatshiu, Nitassinan (Labrador)
Phone: (709) 497-8398
Fax: 709-497-8396
via Canada A0P 1M0

Groups involved in solidarity with the Innu include:

International Campaign for Innu & Earth (ICIE)
Oakville Comm. Centre for Peace, Ecology & HR
148 Kerr St.
Oakville, ON
L6K 3A7

(905) 849-5501 (phone/fax) contact: Stephen Dankowich

Innu Steungroep
Postbus 13670
2501 ER Den Haag
The Netherlands

+31-70-388 8553 (tel)
+31-70 388 7900 (fax) contact: Govert de Groot

Gesellschaft Fer Bedrohte Volker
Postfach 2024
D 37010 Gottingen

+11-49-551-58028 (fax) contact: Theodor Rathgeber - Dept. Indigenous Peoples

Steungroep Inheemse Volkern
Gorinchemstraat 52
B-9100 St. Niklaas

03-218-84-88 (tel)
03-230-45-40 (fax) contact: Marina Roels - Coordinator North America

Survival International
11-15 Emerald. St
London, WC1N 3QL


+44-71-242-1771 fax : contact Johnny Mazower

Freedom of the Skies
Ty Yfory
Llanfair Rd,
Lampeter, Dyfed SA48 8Z

+44-01-570-45576 (tel)
+44-01-570-45636 (fax) contact: Gillian Metcalf

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