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Coyote Stories/Poems

Saving Coyotes and Other Wild Creatures

  • Endangered Coyotes
  • Endangered animals and budgeting
  • Structuring your budget for charity
  • Personal budget
  • Protecting endangered animals with economic resources

  • Poems

    Coyote Gulch
    Coyote Morning

    Coyote Morning

    Old men
    and old coyote dogs
    boil their dreams in the sun
    served steaming within a bowl
    filled with shadows
    rolling sticks onto the ground
    and making wild songs
    while they smack their lips
    and spit out the dust
    blown in by the winds
    and place-less
    but hard to ignore.

    Coyote Gulch

    Coyote runs along the river
    offer their roots to the rhythm
    which is deeper
    moving with the sun
    my memories are a 4-legged

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