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The CHIAPAS-L Mailing List

The Chiapas-L list is a mailing list discussing the Chiapas rebellion and the situation in Mexico.

E-mail to listproc@listas.unam.mx with the message:

subscribe chiaps-l FirstName LastName

in the body of the message.

Searching the Chiapas List Archive

Many lists archive past messages and it is possible to search these archives for a given topic.

To search the CHIAPAS-L mailing list, send an e-mail message to the listserv address (listproc@listas.unam.mx), placing the search commands in the body of the letter. There is an extensive set of possible search commands. A simple example is given here. Sending:


will return all articles from the list "CHIAPAS-L" that contains 
the text "phrase". 

The listing you will receive (via e-mail) has articles which match the
criterion listed by article number and subject line.

Use the the article numbers to send a second message:

// job echo=no
database search dd=rules
//rules dd *
select * in CHIAPAS-L
print all
This will list the contents of articles indicated by the number list (e.g, PRINT ALL OF 105, 342, 501).

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