Native American

The history of the Native American people from past to present.

Many years before Christopher Columbus actually stumbled upon the Americas there actually were people living in North America. The native American people, also called American Indians, had been living on the continent of North American for many years and by the time the Americas were discovered it is estimated that there were over 10 million native Americans already living on the continent. These people had been living on this continent far longer than most people actually imagine, with actual documentation going back to around 150000BC, when the Sandia Indians were first documented on the continent. More than likely the Indians were here long before the actual documentation.

Once the Europeans arrived in America things became much different. At first the Native American people found these new arrivals to be intriguing and interesting and they almost worshipped these fair skin people. As time went by, it became apparent that the Europeans were greedy and cruel as well as very materialistic. Soon the Native American people began to despise the “white man” and hate the greedy ways they had brought to the continent. Not only did these new settlers bring greed and hate but they also brought along many diseases that the Indians had never faced before. These new diseases affected the Indians and killed many of them since they had no resistance.

As time went by the plight of the Native American grew worse and worse. They were forced off their lands and pushed further and further west with many promises being made that were never kept. There were also many conflicts that arose and ended up starting the Indian Wars. There were wars and there were massacres in which many of the native Americans lost their lives. Soon the Native American people were only left with some small Indian reservations for their people, a vast difference from when the continent had been their home. While the history of these people is tragic it is important that we acknowledge and understand the history, not that the past can be solved, but so that in the future the same mistakes will not be made again.

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