Native American Words

Surprise! You speak a few native american words every day.

Native American words flow like a gentle stream, and sing like the loveliest breeze through autumn leaves.  In other words, native American words are sheer poetry filled with inner beauty.

The white man, who so stringently wanted to rid the land of a nation they felt were little more than heathens didn’t hesitate to borrow abundantly from their language, their native American words.  All you need do to find the proof of that fact is to recall some of the names of states, mountains, and cities, and you will find native American words.

Names like Alaska, Illinois, and Ohio are native American words that resonate with native American meaning.

Or perhaps you are an animal lover and would like to know how the animal kingdom fits in with native American words.  Well, the next time you are taking a leisurely stroll through the woods, and you hear a rustling in the grass be sure to appreciate how the native American words chipmunk and opossum flow off your tongue.

Just be sure to make it home for an afternoon nap in your hammock, another one of native Americans words.

Or has all this thinking about native American words made you hungry?  Perhaps a refreshing salad garnished with avocado, one of the native American words used frequently in kitchens will hit the spot.  And for dessert you might put one of the other native American words to good use when you enjoy a nice dish of tapioca pudding.

And when the weather turns cold you will appreciate four other native American words when you layer up with a poncho under your parka, so you can go tobogganing after the blizzard stops dumping snow.

Not all native Americans spoke the same native American words.  Native American words differ just as if you traveled from California to the hills of West Virginia, you know you will hear the English language in use, but accents, words and dialects will differ, sometimes dramatically.  Although Cherokee was one tribe, depending on where you happened to be in the country you would hear three different dialects of native American words.

In fact, the native American word “Cherokee” can be found spelled fifty different ways in native American words, and all of them are proper.

At times, some of the native Americans had different native American words that were only used by women, others by men.  Some native American words were used only in ceremonies.

Many of the native American words have sadly been lost with time.  Linguists are currently seeing to it that remaining native American words are preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Richly thought out native American words entertained many men, women and children during pow wows and other events, as a storyteller spun his myths and legends.

Early western movies portrayed native Americans as having little more to say than ugg as their native American words.  When you consider the beauty and meaning behind native American words that were spoken by millions of people, it becomes clear that nothing could be further from the truth.

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