Native American Wedding Rings

Traditional metals and stones in beautiful traditional Native American wedding rings.

Although most indigenous people did not actually smelt stone to use in decorative objects such as rings and other jewelry, the modern practice of creating jewelry in this manner is now found in todays Native American traditions. The beauty of using natural metals and stones in wedding rings is clearly evident when you see the creations available from traditional craftsmen. The exchange of these symbols of love is a time-honored tradition; and now you can make it even more special by considering the purchase of Native American wedding rings.

No metal is more associated with Native American jewelry than sterling silver. This durable, beautiful metal brings to mind natural works of art and quality craftsmanship. Most Native American wedding rings are made of sterling silver; however, a growing number are not being created using 14 Carat gold, or a combination of the two metals. The benefits of purchasing sterling silver rings mean that you are often able to save on the overall costs, because sterling silver is a less expensive metal than gold. Another option for the financially hindered couple is to consider rings made of stainless steel; this metal gives you the same aesthetic results of sterling silver at a mere fraction of the cost.

The overwhelming majority of Native American jewelry is made using the classic turquoise stone. This soft blue stone gives jewelry an authentic quality that few other materials can match; however, there are also a large number of wedding rings that contain coral, opal, and onyx stones, as well. Many mens rings use the opal stone due to its masculine appeal. Perhaps the loveliest rings have a small collection of two or more of these stones, providing a color contrast that a simple diamond setting cannot match.

Most Native American wedding rings have other ornamentation that gives them a traditional feel, such as a hawk design or metal craftsmanship that gives the impression of feathers or the sun. Often you will see rings that have one large stone surrounded by smaller pieces of stones within the metal ring. Mens wedding rings are also usually quite wide, with a single setting of onyx or turquoise. Whatever your preference, you may find that after seeing the beauty that Native American rings have to offer, you simply cannot settle for a traditional diamond and gold wedding set.

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