Native American Videos

Visual help aids in understanding a nation with native American videos.

Preserving cultural facts of a race of people has become possible through native American videos.  Native American videos go beyond the written word of books.

Americans, especially, have become very visual people, so native American videos can teach where other methods can not.

Native American videos can touch the hearts of viewers.  Realistic portrayals of past history, of a nation content to live in harmony with the land and animals stimulate understanding and compassion.

Some native American videos portray how native Americans fought to protect their land.  Native American videos speak out about the abuse suffered, and how the native american’s legally owned land was illegally seized and forced away from them.

Accounts of personal experiences can be found on native American videos, as well.  Modern day women may find the lives of native American women on native American videos to be fascinating. 

Jeronimo, Sitting Bull, the battle of Wounded Knee, these are just a few examples of themes of native American videos.

Native American videos are a wonderful teaching tool, and have been employed for this purpose by universities and libraries and schools.

It’s true that one can spend many pleasant hours being entertained by native American videos.  But the real purpose of native American videos go beyond entertainment.  Why not take advantage of the education value of native American videos, and learn about the richness of life, their history, and their culture.

You can even watch some of the stunning craftwork that native Americans made a part of their daily lives through native American videos, like the beadwork that was so prominent on clothing.  Or watching the basket weaving skills and even learning how to weave baskets yourself is possible with native American videos.

If you have native American blood flowing through your veins, some native American videos have been designed to help you trace your heritage, and your tribe.

Another benefit of native American videos goes beyond sight.  Hearing is another sense delighted with native American videos.  Native American language is spoken, cultural music can be enjoyed, and meaningful drum beats at pow wows can be heard.

Native American videos, if properly used are encouraging for all of us to respect and care for our environment.

Native American videos show how the native Americans were accurate keepers of time, even to the point of being able to predict when solar eclipses would make their appearance.

You can learn agricultural points of interest from native American videos, like how native Americans developed over three thousand types of potatoes, and of course corn and great northern beans.

Medicinal practices through the used of common every day herbs, as well as even surgical techniques many of us would never be aware of or understand, come to the fore in native American videos.

Rather than a time of family gatherings and displays of gratitude, the original murderous meaning of the Thanksgiving holiday can be found on some native American videos.

Whatever one is able to glean from native American videos, a new respect for a proud though humble nation of people can be cultivated.

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