Native American Tribes

While most of know about the most famous of the Native American tribes, there are literally hundreds that existed over time. Some were less well known or populated, but there were many that lived on the land of North America. Generally, the tribes were identified by their location. For example, the Inuit or Eskimo tribes were known as the Arctic and Sub arctic tribes because of their geographical homes.

An entire group of tribes was dedicated to California alone, along with the plains, Northwest coast, and the Southeast portion of what is now known as the United States. Many comprehensive lists can be found showing all of the tribes’ names and locations. There also many organizations who have dedicated themselves to the preservation of tribal research and archive important documents, artifacts, and photographs. Many museums all over the country have dedicated themselves to the ongoing preservation of Indian tribal culture and heritage.

Today, there are still dedicated reservations located throughout the United States that have been declared federally protected land. This land is owned by specific Native American Tribes, and cannot be taken or infringed upon by anyone. The Bureau of Indian Affairs was created to protect and serve those indigenous to the United States. There are many designated reservations located across the country where various tribes reside. But modern times and pressure has taken its toll on the life of the Native American. Suicide rates are highest among Indian teens than any other group, and many young people within the tribes are starting to drift away from their culture, and lean towards drugs and alcohol abuse. This pattern seems inevitable because of the pressures of modern society and the desire to fit in. It’s important for Native American tribes to continue to foster an attitude of reverence towards their culture and respect of history in order to be sure future generations will be a part of it.

Ever heard of the Mission Indians? They dwelled in southern California and have an interesting history.

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