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Individuals not of Native American descent are likely familiar with the Native American products that are incorporated into American life. However, the multitude of products and artifacts common to the Native American Indians is limitless.

As the first nation of North America, the Native Americans were accustomed to a somewhat primitive life. They built their own dwelling places, made clothing from animal skin, and frequently migrated on foot. Today, a large number of Native Americans have immersed themselves into American culture. Still, many other Native Americans choose to live on reservations, which help them maintain their way of life.

Native American products include a wide assortment of clothing, jewelry, musical instruments, artifacts, etc. The Indians have a unique way of dressing, which has fascinated people for centuries. There clothing consists of a very thick material that is intended to provide warmth. Although much of the Indian population lives in warmer climate regions such as New Mexico and Arizona, there are tribal groups that reside in northern states. With this said, it is necessary for these groups to craft warm clothing and tepees that can withstand the elements. As far as clothing is concerned, other Native American products include sturdy moccasins, headdresses, Indian dresses, etc.

If searching for authentic Native American products, it helps to visit a Native American artifact store. Indian reservations welcome vacationers from around the world. While visiting an Indian reservation, many non-Indians browse stores which carry a huge selection of authentic Native American products. These might include beautiful beadwork, pottery, blankets, rugs, Indian drums, games, etc. However, you do not have to visit a reservation to acquire Native American artifacts. If you have internet access, you can easily locate various online retailers of authentic Indian products. In most cases, these websites are owned and operated by Native Americans living outside the reservation.

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