Native American Navajo

The Native American Navajo are numerous and influential and are among the most well-known tribes.

The Native American Navajo tribe is among the largest in the nation, numbering 250,000. The Native American Navajo were and are located in the Southwest states and their territory was once sufficiently large to include several states. The Native American Navajo were and are known for their sophisticated political system and their unique crafts and jewelry. The Navajo are represented by 5 agencies with 110 chapters of 88 representatives which are elected every four years. The Native American Navajo agencies have an executive, Judicial and a legislative branch and have plenary power, which means that their laws are submitted to the Secretary of the Interior for approval.  The Navajo, like many other tribes, do not want excessive government interference and they negotiate with the government over many agreements.

Once story about Native American Navajo that is not well known is the role they played in winning the battle of Iwo Jima. The American army was in need of language to use as a code, and they recruited Navajos to use their language as a way of avoiding detection. The Navajo recruits were instrumental in the US’s winning the war against Japan.

Native American Navajos are quite influential in American Indian rights since they are numerous and vocal. They suffered the brunt of many harsh decrees against them in the 19th century, and although much time has passed, many of the wounds are still fresh and many Native American Navajos are involved in protecting the rights of their communities.

The Native American Navajo are also known for their fine jewelry and crafts. Bracelets, earrings and weavings can be obtained in Native American markets or online. The items made by actual Navajo craftsmen and women are the most valuable, and if you want an authentic item, it is best to ensure that you are purchasing your craft from actual Navajos.

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