Indian Recipes

The Native Americans ate a variety of healthy and all natural foods. What they ate depended upon where their tribe was located. Typically fresh fruits and vegetables, along with hunted meat was the staple diet. Today, there are plenty of wonderful Indian recipes that can still be used today. The meat from deer, or venison, is a popular choice for those wishing to experience the natural flavors of Indian food. Venison can be cooked a number of ways, and many people like to eat it along with cranberries, which is a way that traditional Indians would eat it.

Fry bread is still a popular choice when it comes to Native American cuisine. While original fry bread was basically made of ground corn and water, it can be replicated today by combining corn flour, salt, and vegetable shortening, and then cooking it together in a large skillet. The result is quite delicious.

Nuts and beans were also a very commonly eaten food among the Native Americans. Since both beans and nuts are very versatile food items, they can be cooked and utilized in a large number of different recipes. Different bean soups are a good choice, as well as a wild nut soup that combines nuts with parsley, shallots, salt, vegetable stock, and salt and pepper. All of the ingredients are then cooked in a pot until they are warm. Tomatoes were eaten by the Native Americans, and all natural tomato sauce is a wonderful way to experience the true way of eating. Simply by crushing natural tomatoes and adding garlic, onion, and any other spices, you can make a good, healthy tomato paste or sauce. A type of soup called Iroquois soup is a combination of haddock (fish), mushroom, lima beans, corn meal, parsley, and other items cooked over a long, hot stove. Not only are Indian recipes simple and easy to make, they are healthy and nutritious as well.


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