Indian Food

Farming and agriculture, along with hunting, were very important parts of Indian life. The food eaten was from the earth, and none of it was wasted. Depending on where the tribe came from would usually depend on the different foods that were eaten. Indians from the plains would often hunt and eat buffalo.

Every part of the buffalo was used, from the bones to the meat to the hide. The skin and fur made excellent coverings for living and traveling in the cold snow, and the food was delicious. Buffalo stew was often made, as well as buffalo meat seared over an open fire. For the Indians such as the Eskimo, seal and whales were often eaten. For each tribe, animal parts were always utilized in some shape or form. The bones could be used as weapons, and the hides as drums.

Other examples of Indian food would be the fruits and vegetables that were both harvested and grown. Corn, or maize, is a very common food that was grown and consumed by the Native Americans. Berries of all kinds that were found in the woods were also eaten. Even melons and pears were choice foods of the Indians. Beans and squash were grown, and mushrooms were harvested. The Indians would also eat various game birds, fish such as salmon, and nuts. Their diet was very well balanced and healthy, and everything was eaten purely and naturally. Today, there are a great deal of wonderful recipe books that can be found on Indian food. The tradition of Indian cooking lives on among family members and friends, and there is even a special food pyramid designed especially for the Native American to be sure they are getting the nutrition they need. Food has always been an integral part of the Indian way of life, and the traditional recipes can be shared for many generations to come.

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