Indian Drums

American Indian drums are used in many songs and dance ceremonies and rituals.

Indian Drums

If you have ever visited an Indian reservation, you have likely heard the beautiful melody of an Indian drum. Song and dance is heavily woven into Indian tradition. To produce such harmonic sounds, Indians rely on an assortment of musical instruments. The instrument that produces the most powerful sound is the Indian drum.

The style of Indian drums varies. Each Indian tribe designs drums to their liking. For instance, some drums may be constructed and carved with images of people. On the other hand, other Indian tribes may choose animal designs or decorate the Indian drum with many jewels and color. Because drums are designed with love and respect, each drum in uniquely crafted from hand.

Today, Indian drums are still very popular. In fact, many non-Indians acquire Indian drums. However, it is difficult to locate an authentic drum without visiting an Indian reservation. In some instances, Indians who no longer reside on reservations may own stores which include a variety of Indian crafts. Stores of this sort are common in the Western part of the United States and Canada. In the United States, a large majority of the Indian population live throughout New Mexico and Arizona.

If you are not privileged to live in an area close to Indian reservations, it is possible to locate an Indian drum by visiting online retailers. In some instances, online retailers offer a wider selection. Indian drums are available in many sizes and styles. Furthermore, there are drums for adults and children.

When choosing an Indian drum, you have the option of selecting drums that are common among specific tribes. For example, the majority of traditional Indian drums do not require the use of sticks. Instead, you may play drums with your hands. However, it is possible to locate other tribal Indian drums that use sticks.

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