Indian Clothes

American Indian clothes are made from natural fibers and skins.

Indian Clothes

Native American Indian clothes are known for their grandeur and splendor. Made of natural fibers, skins, and embellished with items such as beads and porcupine quills, Native American Indian clothes are skillfully handcrafted works of art. The women of the tribes were the ones responsible for making the garments, and they were as resourceful as they were skilled. The process of cutting, dyeing, and sewing skins to make garments was very intricate and required a skilled and steady hand. If that wasn't impressive enough, many of the Native American Indian clothes were decorated with heavy beadwork that took much dedication and patience.

The Native Americans held all life sacred, and when an animal was used it was regarded with dignity, respect, and care. Part of this practice was displayed by not wasting parts of the animal. The Native Americans were not only talented craftsmen, but also they were good stewards over the environment as well.

Many of the natural materials that were used in fanciful arrays included beads, Wampum shells, and Porcupine quills. The Native Americans were masters at the art of weaving and beadwork, and this is displayed in the Native American Indian clothes of the past.

Indian clothes included garments, dresses, headdresses, belts, moccasins, and fur jackets. The beadwork used on many garments signified the family relationship as well as the family’s or tribes skills.

As the lands became colonized, many of the Native Americans began to trade for fine items that could be used in their clothes as well as other aspects of their lives. Glass beads became a popular choice replacing wood beads that were prevalent.

Today, many Native American Indian clothes are very popular and are celebrated for their beauty and style. There are many Native American’s who still make clothes and they bear the authentic look and feel of Native American tribal dress.

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