Eastern Woodland Indians

Historical information about the Eastern Woodland Indians such as culture, language, and location.

Eastern Woodland Indians

The Eastern Woodland Indians are Native Americans that inhabit the eastern part of the United States. In some cases, this group of Indians has been known to live in northwestern states such as Tennessee and Kentucky. The lifestyle of this tribe is similar to the life of other Indians. Traditionally, Eastern Woodland Indians live in log homes. Since Native Americans are hard-workers, they build their own homes from trees, bark, and grass. Some homes are also constructed from twigs, branches, and mud-clay. Husbands and fathers are the primary builders. Older children may assist with building, wherein fathers can train their sons. Normally, women do not participate in building homes. However, they may assist the project by gathering materials.

Eastern Woodland Indians kill and prepare their own food. Along with home construction, fathers also teach their sons how to hunt and fish. The typical diet consists of animal meat such as deer, rabbit, bison, and bear. Additionally, the Indians enjoyed a host of delicious nuts, berries, beans, and vegetables (corn and squash). Both males and females worked in the fields. With their young children attached to their back, mothers would plant seeds and harvest the fields. There was no need to water the fields. For this matter, the Eastern Woodland Indians relied on water from the sky.

This particular Indian tribe spoke several different languages and dialects. However, their cultural beliefs and way of life are the same. Some of the different languages include Iroquoian and Algonquian languages. Additionally, there were many groups such as the Cayuga, Mohawk, Onondaga, and Seneca tribes. Since the Eastern Woodland Indians reside in the forest, they have uncovered many different uses for wood. Today, the Woodland Indians take advantage of forest wood, and it is primarily used for houses, canoes, cooking utensils, hunting equipment, etc.

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